A tote bag is a most prized possession among handbags. There are numerous uses for a great tote bag, which is a big bag you can take anywhere and carry anything. Every woman must own at least one tote bag in her collection.

Following are uses of tote bags sourced from tote bags wholesale agents:

  • Fashion accessory: tote bags are both functional as well as fashionable. There are many high-quality tote bags that are stylish and serve as everyday handbags. Tote bags come in designer labels for those looking for a style quotient.
  • Big size: tote bags are roomy and big and can carry loads of stuff.
  • Versatility: these bags have millions of uses, from shopping bags to laptop bags.
  • Variety: there are plenty of sizes and designs to choose from.
  • Durable: tote bags are long lasting and can be reused numerous times, whatever be the style or size.
  • Gifting: they are great gift items.

Types of Tote Bags

  • Market tote: A tote bag has large size and parallel handles without any fastening. It is found in various materials, but cotton and canvas are the most popular choice. Market totes are practical, simple and classic. Typically, they have one slot and used mostly to carry groceries from shops.
  • Travel tote: It is also a big bag but has several slots, suitable to carry all your travel essentials easily. Mostly crafted from leather, it is strong and durable.
  • Work tote: these are meant for use at work. Typically big, such totes may feature electronics pocket to store your laptop and other electronics. Made of leather, they have multiple pockets.
  • Beach tote: We often carry big bags to the beach but they may not be the right ones. A beach tote is perfect companion for your day out at the beach. Beach totes are typically big bags with several small pockets, in which you can store all your beach essentials, including wallet and phone. The popular material for such bags is jute, but there are also cloth totes.
  • Foldable tote: When you go shopping, you tend to carry an extra bag with you. But some totes, particularly classic designs made of sturdy cloth cannot be folded easily. A foldable tote can be folded easily and does not take much space. It often features a zippered pocket large enough to store your trinkets like mobile phones.
  • Picnic tote: This is a tote ideal for your picnic outing. It is the perfect bag for all your outings, featuring slots for hot and cold food items. Typically made of Polyester, these may feature adjustable straps and are sturdy enough to carry as many items as you desire.
  • Boat tote: It is a tote with a bottom-shaped like a boat. They are made mostly of canvas, cloth or nylon. Similar to the classic in design; however, it has multiple slots.
  • Diaper tote: It is the ideal bag to carry your diapers. It can be worn across the body and features numerous slots and pockets for all baby essentials including feeding bottles. Such totes are crafted from cloth and are colourful and soft to touch.

These are all some of the major uses and types of tote bags.