If you are 25 years old or less, you would probably not know what a bum bag is. But if you grew up with the 90s fashion trends, you must have heard of them and probably owned one, if not a few.

In the 90s, the bum bag had an iconic status. They were used mainly for festivals and holidays and used to a lesser extent as a general bag to carry items like small products for daily use like keys and cameras

Times have changed and today we carry around numerous small items like mobile phones, laptops, etc.  So, we need bags to carry around such items. From phones to tech items, we need to carry around a lot. It is also good if bags are waterproof which you can get from wholesale waterproof bum bag suppliers.

In case you are a girl, you may settle for a small bag. But men do not like to carry around bags unless they have to cart items like laptops or tablets. Thus bum bags have emerged as the solution. Not only are they practical, but have come into fashion. Love them or hate them, bum bags are everywhere this season.

Pros of Bum Bags

  • They are the perfect festival essential: Like a cross body bag, the bum bag when hung over your body, keeps all your items safe and sound, without the worry of them being pinched in the crowds.
  • Leaves your hands free: You can never have enough hands free, like when you are waiting at a supermarket checkout and handling a phone call.
  • Easy access to contents: Avoid the situation of battling to find small items inside the bag. Bum bag functions like a big purse with useful space, only with straps.

Bum Bag Designs

There are several designs of bum bags from various brands and clothing labels from popular bag brands to high street fashion brands and even online bum bag wholesaler. One can get plain designs to lots of choices of colours and outrageous patterns. The high-end luxury brands are also putting their spin on them. Brands such as Prada, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and others are jumping on the bandwagon, calling the bum bag as a more fashionable, belt bag.

There is a somewhat cheesy 90’s style stigma associated with the bum bag. Many brands are distancing themselves from the old name (bum bag) to something trendy and modern. You will hear many brands referring to them as small cross body bags, hip bags, waist bags etc. But they are all authentically bum bags as their design indicates. For instance, the bum bag is called as a Fanny bag in the US and they are available with wholesale bum bags dealers.

How to Wear

In the early days, there was only one way to wear the bum bag i.e. around one’s waist. You would wear it with front facing outside, from the waist. For a modern twist, you can wear bum bags in different ways if around your waist is not cool enough. You can wear it cross-body, with the bag in front. You may wear it reverse cross-body with the main compartment to the back. You can also wear it to one side, around your hips.

Why Are They Popular?

Though they are regarded sometimes as uncool, they have always been functional and practical. It is quite common that fashionability and practicality are poles apart. But, in the case of bum bags, they have come together. You can get bum bags with many compartments while keeping a small space. There is enough space to carry food, water bottles, camera, phones, key and all other needed items.