When it comes to work bag, it has to be super functional and spacious to hold all your essentials to get you through the entire day like a complete boss. However, that does not mean that your work bag has to be boring. Here are 5 types of modern bags meant for the professionals who are not afraid to show their stylish side at work without compromising on practicality.

1.       The Modern Magic of Messenger Bags 

The messenger bad has gone from being the best friend of courier delivery guys to urban fashion icons. The bag is either made out of durable fabrics like canvas or quality leather and comes with a thick strap that goes across the chest and over the shoulder. The bags are of decent size and come with a number of convenient compartments and pockets. So, there is enough room to hold everything from your laptop to lip balm without creating a royal mess within your bag. While the ones made out of leather give a classier look, canvas bags are easier to clean and maintain with through washes every now and then. If you want a subtle offbeat look, then hunt for leather bags with smart checkered prints on them in stores that sell wholesale handbags manchester. Such a bag is sure to set you apart from the crowd of plain blacks and browns. The subtle casual charm of a messenger bag is a very attractive juxtaposition against formal outfits like suits and blazer jackets.

2.       The Tantalizing Tote

A tote bag is again a sizeable bag which generally comes with two handles which can either be used to carry the bag on the shoulder or arms. The spaciousness of a tote bag is its biggest advantage and one can fit in a world within them. The very simple and sophisticated design makes it perfect to pair with work outfits. It is a wise idea to use small pouches within your tote bag to keep your things organized or invest in a tote bag that comes with a couple of pockets. Although the clean design makes of a generic tote bag makes it a treat for minimalist, you can always opt to jazz it up tastefully with a leather tassel of a tiny monogram of your initials.

3.       Bum Bag

If you are surprised to see this travel staple on this list, then you will be even more surprised to know the functionality that a bum bag offers. If you are involved in a profession that requires you to stay on the field or always on the go, then there is nothing like a waist bag. Its compact size is perfect for holding essentials, but it is also lightweight enough not to hinder your pace. If are worried about the fashion statement you will be making with one of these bad boys strapped to your waist then take some cues from supermodels like Kendell Jenner on how to rock a bum bag with style. You can get your hand on these at very affordable prices from stores selling wholesale handbags online