The messenger bags have come a long way from being the choice of bags for, no points for guessing, messengers or as we call them nowadays the courier delivery guys. They are now a modern fashion statement for professionals. This bag has stood the test of time and emerged as one of the trendiest staples for office goers for the following reasons.

  1. Can hold your whole world

When it comes to spaciousness, messenger bags come through with like a boss. Their rectangular shape is perfect for holdingthings like notebooks and laptops very securely without which one is almost paralyzed in today’s tech-savvy age. Their roomy shape and size are often reinforced by the addition of pockets and compartments within the bag which keep all your workplace essentials organized to perfection. So, no more of pulling out a thousand things just to get your lip balm out.

  1. Doesn’t stress your shoulder

Messenger bags come with a thicker shoulder strap can go across your chest and over your shoulder. This strap is much thicker the straps and handles on most shoulder bags which make it very comfortable for one to carry their load with ease. Since the bag does not occupy both your shoulder you can shift the load from one to another whenever a side feels tired. Messenger bags often have two small handles other than the shoulder strap so you can also carry it easily in your hands. 

  1. They are washable

You can find really smart messenger in canvas material which is not only durable but also washable. So, whether there has been and accidental spillage from your morning coffee, or your hand cream burst open in one compartment or your bags just looks dirty from daily use, a quick wash will solve the issue in a jiffy. So, you can keep your bag looking like new and hygienic at all times.

  1. Gives a smart professional look

A messenger bag has a touch of casual charm to it which makes a striking contrast with formal business attire. Choose the right one and it will amp up your workplace style by more than a few notches. They look young and fun without being boyish like a backpack. You can choose them in luxe leather finishes in solid blacks and brown or go for the organic look of olive and beige canvas. If you want to spunk it up tastefully then a little addition of a leather tassel or a tiny monogram of your initials will do it for you. Alternatively, you can also for subtle patterns such as checks and unique textures to elevate the style of your messenger bag.

  1. They are meant for all

The unique thing about messenger bag is that there is one for all. Whether you are a woman or man, petite or plum, short or tall; there is a messenger bag for you. You can find them in a more compact size to go well with a petite frame. They come with adjustable straps that can be adjusted to fit your height and comfort perfectly.

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